About us

David Lloyd, Director

David moved to Vietnam in 2011 planning to stay for six months, but he swiftly fell for the country’s magical landscapes, rich culture and the world-class cycling opportunities and he’s never looked back.

Having discovered much of the country through extensive riding,  authoring guidebooks and on travel assignments for publications such as the New York Times, he has learned which parts of Vietnam offer the best cycling and is passionate about sharing those discoveries with other riders. 

The northern provinces of Ha Giang, Cao Bang and Thanh Hoa are some of David’s favourite places to explore on two wheels, alongside the coastal roads and inland hills of Central Vietnam.

He is also a director at our partner, Vietnam adventure experts, Topas Travel. This role involves creating races in  the nation’s most beautiful mountainous areas.

David is based in Hanoi where he lives with his wife and daughter. 

Ashley Carruthers, Director

Ashley Carruthers has been exploring Vietnam’s culture and landscape since the early 1990s. A professional anthropologist, he speaks fluent Vietnamese, and has a deep knowledge of this beautiful and enigmatic country.

From his first trip through the north-west at a time when the roads were unsealed and foreigners were unheard of, he has been enchanted by Vietnam’s wild upland regions and the proud people who have lived there for centuries without bowing to the lowland emperors.

Now those remote mountains are full of beautifully engineered roads, Ashley is able to pursue his other great love there: road cycling. A serious road and mountain biker for over a decade, he remains competitive in his age class in Australia, where he and his vision impaired stoker, Don, are one of the nation’s top tandem road racing teams.

Ashley’s home base in Vietnam is the Danang area, where he is a well known figure in the vibrant local cycling scene. In nearby Hoi An he’s a minor celebrity, with close friends in circles ranging from the bicycle recycling ladies to the leaders of the local Communist Party.

Ashley has pioneered many routes into the mountains that form the spine of Central Vietnam, and it’s not unusual for the Danang locals to ask his advice on where to ride – and sometimes even on where to eat!

Riding with Us

Velo Vietnam Pty Ltd ACN 617 305 736 is a private company incorporated in Australia.

In Vietnam, we work with our local partner Topas Travel, a worldwide Danish adventure company that is registered as a licensed tourism operator in the Socialist Republic.

When you ride with Velo Vietnam, you ride with people who know and love the country. We operate tours exclusively in Vietnam, which means we know its roads, its culture and its cuisine inside out. We understand and respect Vietnam’s people and its environment, and do everything we can do create goodwill wherever we go.

Wherever Velo Vietnam rides, we try to support local businesses, especially those owned by ethnic minority people.

We also like to give back to this country that has given us so much. We have a close relationship with the charity Newborns Vietnam, and offer them in-kind and financial support for their cycling-based fundraising activities. We also support the Nguyen Van Troi Junior High School, a special boarding school for Khatu children in the border district of Tay Giang in Central Vietnam.



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