7 Day Mountains Tour

From Sapa to Hanoi the long way round: this seven day tour is an immersion in the majestic landscapes and diverse cultures of Vietnam’s remote northwestern uplands.

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10 Day Frontier Tour

This ten day tour takes in the highlights of the northern provinces. This is David and Ashley’s dream ride, pulling together their favourite parts of the provinces that serve up Vietnam’s most dramatic, challenging and rewarding riding.

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Central Vietnam

What we love most about riding in central Vietnam is the diversity. From Danang on the eastern coast it’s only about 70km inland as the crow flies to the Lao border. But in that narrow strip you have the beach, the rice fields, and the mountains—three iconic Vietnamese landscapes that we traverse in the course of a single ride. Learn more

The North

At Velo Vietnam, co-founders Ashley and David tailor bespoke rides for every group, building routes to suite your riding ambitions. We’ve been riding the mountainous roads of the north since the 90s, and while many parts of Vietnam have changed beyond recognition, the north has remained more or less the same, a remote frontier region of hill peoples and wild vistas. Learn more

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