The North


Ride grand mountain passes from the Chinese border to the capital of Vietnam.

Riding the North

At Velo Vietnam David and Ashley can tailor bespoke rides, building routes to suite your riding ambitions.

We’ve been riding the mountainous roads up here since the 90s, and while many parts of Vietnam have changed beyond recognition, the north has retained plenty of its old character – this is a remote frontier region of the hill peoples and wild vistas.

Routes with little traffic carve up mountains sculpted  with stunning rice terraces, farmed as they have been for centuries by ethnic minority hill communities.

Ten day tours

With ten days you can traverse much of the grandest mountain ranges of the north and get a palpable sense of remote back country. We can take you across the three northernmost provinces on  awe-inspiring roads including the nation’s highest and most fabled passes.

You’ll see ethnic minority villages including those of the Hmong and Red Dao, you’ll stock up on supplies in bustling markets and there will be plenty of hearty local food to try along the journey.

One week tours

With a week to ride we like to head out to the northern border with China and make our way back to the capital, Hanoi, via a wide variety of mountain scenery on roads passing multiple ethnic minority areas.

Long weekends

We have several options for long weekends riding out from the capital of Hanoi into the mountains to the west. With two or three nights you can pedal into beautiful hill scenery and stay in traditional stilt houses or a high quaity resort complete with a swimming pool with mountain views.