The North



Riding the North

Like all Velo Vietnam rides, in the North we can tailor a cycling experience for you and your group, building routes to suite your riding ambitions.

We’ve been riding the mountainous roads up here since the 90s, and while many parts of Vietnam have changed beyond recognition, the far north has retained plenty of its old character – this is a remote frontier region of the hill peoples and wild vistas.

Routes with little traffic carve up mountains sculpted  with stunning rice terraces, farmed as they have been for centuries by ethnic minority hill communities.


10 – 14 + Days

With 10 to 14 days or more we can show you right across the North East and the North West.

Discover the biggest and best mountain passes in the land. Ride from Cao Bang in the East across Ha Giang.with the grand Ma Pi Leng Pass, across to Sapa, home to the highest mountain of Indochina and the nation’s highest road, then back down to Hanoi on the route of your choice.

If you want pure tarmac, we can serve that up. If you want to get onto some gravel, dirt or more remote backroads, that also makes us happy.

Get in touch with us to tailor your epic northern ride with us.




7 Days 

With 7 Days we recommend you pick between the North East and the North West, then we will tailor your ride to include the highlights.

Days can be anything up to 200km, but shorter rides are possible for those wanting to move a little slower and spend more time in each destination rather than on the road.