Central Vietnam



Central Vietnam tour

What we love most about riding in central Vietnam is the diversity. From Danang on the eastern coast it’s only about 70km inland as the crow flies to the Lao border. But in that narrow strip you have the beach, the rice fields, and the mountains—three iconic Vietnamese landscapes that we traverse in the course of a single ride.

The journey to the border is both a geographical and a cultural one: from the ethnic Vietnamese coastal towns, past the temples of ancient Champa, and up into the jungled territory of the Khatu hill people.

Starting the day with a swim in the ocean at An Bang beach, and ending it with a swim in a pristine river next to a Khatu village after a hard day in the saddle, is the ultimate Central Vietnam experience.

And of course, it being Vietnam, there are iconic dishes to accompany each stage of the journey: from the sophisticated cao lau of Hoi An, to the simple and hearty my quang of the farmers, to the Khatu staple of sticky rice stuffed into bamboo and cooked over an open fire.

From a base in Danang or Hoi An, you can set out on an epic week of riding, beginning with a testing ascent into the highlands, then following the spine of the high mountains that skirt the Lao border all the way to Khe Sanh. On this route, which was once the Ho Chi Minh Trail, we find some of Vietnam’s most beautiful old growth rainforest. From there you drop back down to the coast, making your way home via the imperial capital of Hue and the stunning bays at the foot of the Hai Van Pass.

Alternatively you can stick to the coast, basing yourself by the beach and making daily forays north of Danang, south of Hoi An, and into the little-traveled back country of Quang Nam, the friendliest province in Vietnam. We can seek out challenging climbs or stick to the flat coastal roads to suit your legs.

Velo Vietnam co-founders Ashley and David tailor every Central Vietnam ride to each group. That means bespoke journeys and the flexibility to build the route that suits your riding ability and ambitions, whether that means an epic king of the mountains style training test, or a more moderately demanding few days in the saddle.