Missing a bit of friendly competition with your cycling buddies? Want something to aim at? Join us for two Zwift TTs for a combined ‘GC’ result.  Never done a Zwift TT before? Most people haven’t and now is your chance. Sign Up, Dig deep!



Ongoing now at our Facebook page – see below



The inaugural Velo Vietnam Zwift TT Battle is now taking place over two courses.

Tempus Fugit (17.6km)

Bologna (8km, 230m)


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  • TEMPUS FUGIT: Choose ANY Tempus Fugit event from now to April 28 (the group TT took place on 21/4)
    • choose any Bologna event before April 28 (see below for how) , OR…..
    • preferably join the mass TT on Tuesday April 28 at 17:00 (Vietnam Time) – you can sign up NOW here


Please tell us your chosen events in advance of your rides. If you tell us after you ride, it does not count

Find an event on the companion app or on Zwift Power Here by filtering like this:


Zwift Power How TO Filter



Ranking will be compiled (male and female) for both events and overall GC.


In TT race mode 


The main prize? Bragging Rights. Also, a Velo Vietnam cap for the male and female overall winners. 

Note if you want to win you must have a Zwift Power account for verification of weight.




Handy excuses

Being a race, we all need our excuses ready for a poor ride. Here are some popular ones you can choose from:

  • I’m not used to Zwift yet – I’d go better on the road
  • I dropped my towel into my chain mid-effort 
  • I’m out of shape / haven’t been training much
  • Everyone else must be bullshitting about their weight (see FAQs for more on this) 
  • I needed more hills… I’m more of a climber
  • I needed less hills… I’m more of a flats rider
  • I’m bad at TT 


Provisional Rider List at Monday 20 12:00






How does a Zwift TT work?

You get a start time slot like in an outdoor TT. See this on your Zwift Companion app once you have joined the event. See here for more details.


Why do I have to tell you my event times in advance?

Otherwise you could do one crappy effort and then try again. This way it is a more ‘real’ TT effort – pick a date and a time and it’s on. 


What if people lie about their weight?

Most people in this event will know someone else personally, so it’s up to each person if they want their mates to think (know?) they are a bullshitter 🙂 


Should I register on Zwift Power.com? 

Yes. Create a ZwiftPower.com account and link it. 




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