The Best Power Meter You’ve Never Heard Of

Velo Vietnam’s David Lloyd sums up his Favero experience to date

Previously I’d owned two other power meters, both of which took away from the pleasure of cycling, rather than adding to it. This was thanks to power drop outs, wild data and battery drain, so I was very keen to find one that worked properly.  


An engineering geek friend of Velo Vietnam then told us about Favero, an Italian electronics company we had never heard of that, he said, produced the best power meter out there. 


We did some Googling and found only positive reviews backing up his claims, so decided to buy the Uno (one sided) set. We were not disappointed. 


The Pedals

Favero Assioma Cycling Power Meter

The Assioma is Favero’s second pedal based power meter. It comes in one side (Uno) or two sided (Duo) form. The cleat system is Look and works perfectly, with a well-weighted balance that makes clipping in easy. They are also relatively light at 152.4grams – the lightest pedal power system available. 




Connecting to both the Wahoo Bolt and the Garmin 830 could not be simpler, then both pick up the unit in seconds. The same goes for Zwift – the Favero gives a super fast and consistent connection. 


Using the Faveros


Quite simply, it works perfectly. All the time. Every ride. 10/10. 




One of the best features of the Favero Assioma is the charging mechanism. There is no battery door to take on and off (and then break). Indeed, there is no battery to replace. The system uses a neat magnetic charger that clips on and charges fast. The charge then lasts for weeks of solid riding. It’s simple to check when it needs a charge – just connect to the excellent, no-nonsense app. A low battery warning will also flash up on your head unit. We’ve never run out of power in two years of use. 


The Customer Service


Second to none – we had to deal with Favero this year and were taken aback by the quality and efficiency of the service. It feels like dealing with a family owned and operated company. 


Other Users


Quite a few riders who have done cycling tours with us and other friends of Velo Vietnam have since bought the Favero Assioma (Uno and Duo) and all have been happy they did.




Given all the above, we’re happy to give them the 10/10 Velo Vietnam seal of approval. 

Note: We are in no way supported or sponsored by Favero, this review is independent. 

Images and Video: all copyright Favero Electronics


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