9,300M GAIN | 17 KOMs



The concept for the Northern Frontier 4 day KOM multi stage ride had been brewing bubbling in David’s brain for years.

He wanted to take people on a hard mountain tour of his favourite northern roads in the Frontier Area of Ha Giang via Bac Kan and Cao Bang. He also wanted to add a competitive element, but remove the stress of road racing.

In the end, he settled on a route including 17 competitive uphill KOM segments.  The cumulative time gives a GC. 

He promised those who joined that ‘Extreme Beauty Awaits’.

The great thing about the format is mini-competitions develop between people at the top, middle and bottom of the rankings. Riders can also choose to target set segments, or try and perform across the full 4 days.

However, if people prefer to ignore the competitive element, that also works.  

For the test tour we had a group including riders from Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, New Zealand and Vietnam to try the roads and concept. 

The feedback was excellent and so the Northern Frontier will be back for 2020 with around 50 slots only. 

We are very keen to get as close as possible to a 50/50 male/female rider split for 2020.

Mail us on to register your interest.